!!!!!! 200 !!!!!!

200 posts !?!

Well this is a special one isn’t it !

I’m not really sure what to say, I set up SBH as an outlet for my club/street/fashion images I’ve had an awful lot of fun while doing it and have met some great people, it has always been such a contradiction but one common element has shone through it’s about people usually having fun or in the process of or maybe not at all……..


So onwards and upwards they say, have plans for it so may work so won’t but I’ll still be here cause this is who I am….


So that was the words, now for some highlights of them image postsssss

Thanks to everyone involved in and around SBH. Particular thanks to David, C, J, A and all of the Manchester people who’ve helped, got me drunk or let me in or well you get the pictures…


Here’s to the next 200 posts hey x


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