2000 and bloody 16 ? Already?

Right I’ve been very lapse over the last 6 (!) months with posts and stuff, I’ve still been out working and shooting all sorts of stuff but haven’t felt the desire or need to post it, this sbh stuff is a bit of a poisoned chalice sometimes, it was set up to give me an outlet for my clubbing stuff after a lot of the publications that published went tight or under, a vehicle to keep me in-touch with something I’ve done for all my adult life, lot of my club images went down well, had comments and I felt that it was aworthwhile thing to keep going but it’s not been seen that way by the wider public, you’ve not really taken to it and that was disheartening for this old photographer and I think I let that get to me, which I shouldn’t have, so let’s look up and ahead..

I had all the usal battles that people have etc so I’ll not bleat on about them but I think now 2016 is here it’s menat that I’ve turned a corner, so no looking back and no wallowing, lets just bring the here we go with a new year and a new ideal. I’ll shoot more, post more and have the fuun that’s on offer. So let’s usher in 2 thousand and f**in 16 with a noncolhant shrug that hipsters greet things that you quite like…

Have fun x

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