Absolute What??

Absolute what????

So when this little gem wafted across our desk we though what? Surely no one was honestly calling a night this? Then we thought, aha! maybe it’s not what we thought?

Absolute Scale? Absolute Style? Absolute Spine? Absolute Semie? Absolute Spume?

The list goes on (and on) but no it was what we thought, a collection of interesting tunes surrounded by a cool venue, dj’s and people, so between you and me I think we’ve stumbled upon a combination of the genius of anti-advertising, promoting through misadventurous proposals, general buffoonery by people who should know better or maybe it’s some other such suede. Well there’s only one way to find out?


So anyways we thought style it, let’s get ourselves down to that discotheque and lets see what’s happening, at first we worried what some of these people would make of it as some of the tunes were older than them ! No need to swipe ! They bloody loved it !


 Well if their sucre eating grins and wild abandon dancing (?) was anything to go by !

Just one siege though, not wholly sure about Britney and Five being included but hey ho one man’s scone is another man’s sabre..

Ah well if you’ve got the feelin’ and you’re getting down baby..


errr then I’ll see ya there,,,,


This writing thing is hard, you really have to be in the zone, damn Google for not seo seeing just images…oh..Anyway this is SBH 2015 club writing, like or loathe/hate or mate

Please let me know what you think…no really…let me know..


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