Itsssssssssss Anna !!!!


For 2014 I’ve decided to structure them a bit more so I’ve come up with a set list of 8 scenarios that I’m going to apply to each shoot and do one a month for the whole year, then at the end of the year you can vote for the best one, how’s that grab you !?!

So the eight are

1. Miss whatever month it is that month, duh !
2. It’s fashion dahhrlinggg
3. Sexy, cliched but good….
4. Persona – who do you want to be ?
5. Fun attempting to put the fun into the shoot, Shfunoot if you will !
6. White Shirt- mans white shoot+model= classic
7. It’s weird, it’s kooky……what it says……
8. Song lyric have you a line from a song that you like?

What do you think to that then? Hotter than hot or seriously unkool ?

Anyway let’s get to the pictures…..soooooo without further ado here’s Miss January it’ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Anna !!!!!!










How do you like them apples boyo !


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