Right this will be the place to post for my daily picture for August 2012,

I’ll be puttin a picture up daily here and maybe some words too, who knows, I can be guided by you too so if you like sbh to come along to something give me a shout ! Ola and away we go with number 1…..

I’ve started with a street photograph of nothingness pretty much where I started out and maybe where I’m heading…. 

right and moving right along here we have post 2 on this second day of August, it’s one of Aimee from a shoot that hasn’t been posted yet, always wanted to be a fashion photographer but never had the daft hat or cravat or ponce-y attitude (haha I know a few of you will disagree with that last statement.)

and here we have a club picture think what I’m well know for and one of the major parts of this blog, I’ve edited this picture a bit as it was one of my favourites, what do you think?

and what else has been lax has been my 2 yellow socks posts so here is Rougén to make amends.. Wearing Jacket by Albam. Jeans by Lee. Socks by WigWam. Shoes by Birkenstock. Hat by £1 Special. So have that……

Right a while ago I put a “does anyone want to….” recreate a piece of graff I’d seen at Cord bar in the Northern Quarter in Manchester and Ruby answered the call with a little help from CiCi so here is a gif of the almost completed shot, haven’t quite nailed the editing but though that it’d be good to post here as August 5…. so how do you like them apples……..

Wow been a busy day of proper work today but thank you, how’s this for a random iphone picture from today…….

Hot on the heels of last post here’s number 7 , wow August is cracking along isn’t it…. but why on a Tuesday is there always..

get it?

Here’s one from last night a little early but it’s the eighth ! Have fun


and here we go with number 9, I’ve started to pull in projects I’m doing as book ideas now so nobody nick em hey..

This is “One glove” project, I’ve be working on for a while and one day I’ll put in a book….

ah the good weather, the light, the end of days, here’s number 10….

So Friday is dancin night, so what a night and here’s number 11….

and so is Saturday night and I was at Venus for City Life, feature going in this Fridays paper, I do love this club and always have a great time there, look for a full post of images coming soon, Monday/Tuesday maybe?

oooh you know how I feel about today’s date so here with a bit of culture is the one after twelve and the one before 14….

an iphone shot as per that seems to be default…

and here as I’m travelling a bit through the hills a shot that I see constantly through my window……

Is it just me or is this month speeding by? I really can’t believe it’s the 15th already ! Ah well here’s my submission for today, roughly half way and what do we think?

Rubbish (Said in a Eric Morecambe type voice)


Moving swiftly on, (is thing on?) Here’s number sixteen, ah sweet sixteen, nope oh well it’s a bit more culture but does anyone know where from? (Prize for anyone who guesses?)


Right moving swiftly on to number seventeen, after the party comes the clear up for another party…

Right dancin shoes on for the eighteenth…

Nineteen, nine..teen, nineteen here is number nightteen……..

Getting very meaningful with my pictures just recently. Here’s number twenty…

So on to the twenty-first and what do we have, a revisit of an old college project that I did nearly twenty years ago? or something else?

Just another one of those days…

it’s number twenty three so that makes it the twenty third….

ohho bit lax so here’s number twenty four….

and here’s number twenty five…..enjoy x

and so to number 2wenty 6ix it’s more from Pride and my favourite meal in the Village Maxwell’s chips and curry sauce…..


Here’s twenty-seven these are terribly autobiographical and revealing you know.

and here is a,  a bit late I know…number twenty eight….

this always reminds me of the gay traitor, not sure why?


and here we have number twenty-nine for the Twenty Ninth, the end is coming up, have we had fun?

I never knew I took so many pictures of the weather…..


The penultimate day of my daily photographic post for August, the silence was deafening but hey I had a go and that’s all you can do I guess. So here is number 30, a bit of a nod to Friedlander as he’s a photographic legend and well why not. 



and her we the last one for the August post, number 31


It’s been emotional…..

































Thanks to C, A, C and R

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