Right well we at the arse end of Jnauary and I’ve M.I.A so here’s the skinny on why SBH has been hibernating or not been around… …but first a little background, I started SBH about 3 years ago it was intended as a specific vehicle for my club/fashion/portrait parts of my wider work that weren’t seen and places that I wanted to go, the attempt was to be a little different, give more something…………but as ever with these side projects, you get out what you put in and combine that with a heavy lifestyle of candle burning, fun and late nights and well it’s took it’s toll….so it’s now got to 3 years and as with any relationship after 3 years you think where is this going? Is this the one? Has the magic gone?

Well I had such high hopes I wanted it to be akin to the reaction when scousegirls hear Bey-once Single Ladies but alas not to be….. (it appears by observation that only imitation will gain you any form of notice/respect/kudos etc etc etc) So frankly it’s all been a bit disappointing, but as a self anal.yst I have not ignored that it might be just the work that I’ve put into it…..feel a bit Jonny Depp but have missed out the greatness……..

Anyway I’ve decided to keep going and we’ll see what happens from here, one thing I def need to improve is on is words, l was hoping that images would do all the talking but I realise now that you need added words to make it complete (#hencethisarticle)….

So continuing along the upside here’s some recent stuff over the last 4 weeks everything from NYE to January clubbing hey……’s a selection of the best bits here

Special thanks go to my supporters at Funkademia, Pop Curious, UP and Aftershock…

**Realised that with this hiatus I’d missed the awards so have stuck them on their own page HERE there you go that’s sbh all over, trying (desperately) to do something differently, love it or loathe it at least we’re trying….

(Recap/Short-Version) Sorry we’ve been away but we’ll keep doing what we do; as all I can do is be myself, I make a poor imitation of others…….



















































































So you later c+=]tz

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