BritPop Curious // Kraak Gallery // Manchester // 30-08-14

BritPop Curious // Kraak Gallery // Manchester // 30-08-14

I’m always determined to write some more but never seem to get to do it so thought I’d try harder on this one…

BritPop Curious is a spin off from PopCurious a glorious camp, pop affair that you can see here

So Kraak Gallery is down a suitably dark back alley behind Stevenson Sq on the edge of the Northern Quarter near the Police Museum Tres bizzare..Anyway tonight it’s BritPop Curious there a veritable cornucopia of 1990s Guitar Pop. Played Loud.

So we get into the club early as that’s what we do….it’s already rocking, some great tunes and fantastic masks there’s even a ShaunRyder one for me! Not sure what they says about me or BritPop but there you go..inside we have a real mix of people (the best kind) girls recapturing the lost years, girls who don’t remember these years, straight boys, bears, gays and queens all dancing on the accommodating Dance Floor to the tunes laid down by Mr Dresden Styles and Chris.

Some great tunes as well fro Elastica, Blur, Morrissey et al

and now some random observations of what SBH saw that night…..the girl in the PVC skirt, the Bears having all the fun, the beautiful couples that make you sick that you’re not young and in love, the fun, the masks, the super hawt girl ! and the dancing !





How’s that for my first club writing thing? Answers on an email…



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