Last weekend…

so this happened       and also this happened too..       Bonus marks for anyone who recognises … More

Night time October

A chance meeting with two inspires to post again.. Thank you… So here’s a few pictures and less words for … More

And I’m back

So been a while but here I am again, it’s something I can’t give up on..we’ve had a break… ..but … More

Parklife 2015

Parklife 2015… Judging from my twitter timeline come Saturday morning, there was no straddling of boundary structures regarding Parklife (the … More

Electropop Curious?

Electropop Curious? So we’re at the halfway-ish stage of the month and SBH is fancying some chords to warm and … More

It’s Miss June…April

Delays, Delays,Delays but here we are with Miss June it’s April !   Hang on…. or is it….God that’s confusing … More

Funkademia 06-09-14

It’s an old favourite of shortblondehair it’s Funkademia…. Now I’ve been going to and photographing at Funkadmeia clubnight for years, … More