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Why are you doing this?

SBH writings.. Why are you doing this? Wooooah there’s nothing like a starting again post to stall any good intenetions … More

Why am I doing this?

Why am I doing this? Recently as is the want of spring I’ve been re-examining things, looking at various aspects … More

This week

So some weekends I work hard and do stuff and some weeks I don’t do anything…..This blog has reflected that … More

Last weekend…

so this happened       and also this happened too..       Bonus marks for anyone who recognises … More


January clubbing hey ! scraping those savings together and playing HighSchoolMusical drinking games before you go out….hang on is that … More

Funkademia NYE

Well it’s NYE so where would I be ?   Mint Lounge at Funkademia of course as ever, top night … More


Here’s to 2017 and sod off 2016… NYE is the proper clubbers dread, it’s amateur night and mad Friday all … More