Ok SBH took a bit of a break after the last post, was trying to get my head round some stuff with clubbing, missed Easter all together and now we’re in that bit of reflection time after a Bank holiday but with 2 in close succession happening.. (It’s called Eastertide in the Christian bit and traditionally is a bit of time for reflection according to a few more of the sky pixies…)

So we sat, we reflect, we try to avoid getting maudlin about the state of clubland in Manchester, So we asked ourselves (constantly it seems):

  • Anything new?
  • What the f are the kids up to?
  • Who’s having fun?
  • Worth gearing up for this year?,
  • Delights the clubbing community going to ignore?
  • How many more venues to close and new soulless venues open up to replace the void with cash money?
  • And finally shade or celibate?


Fuck I ended up maudlin….so as Taylor suggestsed I’ll shake it off, end up out and see happiness, smiling faces, exuberance bordering on naivety and overall newness…then start to think I am being over critical after all it’s just the passing of time isn’t it??

..but as they say we have to start worrying about what sort of world we’re going to leave for Keith Richards

See you on the dancefloor, I’ll be the one dancing to “Shake it off..”

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