Electropop Curious?

Electropop Curious?

So we’re at the halfway-ish stage of the month and SBH is fancying some chords to warm and dance through this cold February, so when Electropop Curious? came up on the horizon we were intrigued..


Now we have to confess that SBH has never been a music snob or specifically musically inclined or one of them aficionado bore types, although we love our clubbing and music but the whole we know what we like view is somewhat frowned upon, think it’s cause we like loads of things, well apart from that 12inch green picture disk vinyl remix of what’s his face that we heard at that dire house party we went to…but that’s another story..

So at first we were a little wary about what a specific music named night would be like but it is done by that lovely Christopher Dresden Styles from Pop Curious? so we knew we’d be in god hands

What a night, feel like my second home is in Kraak gallery the amount of time I’m popping in there but I loves it and tonight was no exception, great music, great people and a lovely jaggerbomb got us warmed up, the excellent playlist is on spotify so have a listen there and come down to the next one, see you on the floor of dance..








This writing thing is hard, you really have to be in the zone, damn Google for not seo seeing just images…oh..Anyway this is SBH 2015 club writing, like or loathe/hate or mate

Please let me know what you think…no really…let me know..


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