So it’s Saturday night and we’re out as usual, blipping around Manc, we looking to end up at Funkademia at Mint Lounge in that there Northern Quarter… it’s no secret I’ve been photographing the night for as long as I care to remember, even went a few time as a punter to the original ones at Boardwalk (it was there wasn’t it? My memory goes a little hazy when I look past ’97…)Then followed  it’s journey round Manchester, (there were various venues Attic / SubSpace / Zumba / One Central Street to name em..) anyway I digress, it’s been at the Mint Lounge for the last 6 years now….wow it feels like only yesterday..

So anyway we rock up about 11pm, early I know but I like to get in early when I’m photographing to catch the lay of the land etc…already there’s a few in ! That’s always a result for a night when you’ve got people in as you first open…always a sign that the nights going to get busy…


So things we noticed, first off it was a really good looking Dance floor too not just shallow looks wise but also dancing and fun wise, too many clubs have moody dancefloors or people looking like they’ve been forced in at gunpoint as extras in a really bad club docu film…NOT THIS PLACE THOUGH it’s definitely a younger crowd on the Floorspace tonight though

or as one of my esteemed colleagues said… “…they look young?”

“Nope it’s cause we’re getting older !”

So what of the other ingredients of the night? Well the supplier of tonight’s soundtrack was provided by (in SBH’s opinion) one of Manchester’s best DJ David Dunne (..although how he managed to keep his crown of Manchester’s best DJ in tact after his dancing I’m not sure I know, it was very reminiscent of another Funkademia DJ…Trafford Lovething, now that’s a compliment)

Last but not least there’s an excellent policing of the dancefloor (not too much and not too little…) especially of the dancefloor-nobs (some people don’t know how to behave with girls do they ?!? Really fucks me off but as ever the team are on it to sort it out..all part of the service here)


So there we go what a great night, had a few drinks, got some great images and had a dance, all in all that’s not too shabby for us Massive respect and love to this regular Saturday night that’s approaching 2 decades of, good work guys, see you next week?

This is SBH 2015 club writing, like or loathe/hate or mate Please let me know what you think…


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