It’s Bollox……

What can I say it’s Bollox…… @ The Star and Garter on a Friday in September 2014…

Now sbh got to the party a bit late this week…long story involving horse, work and a rather attractive thing…….anyway the party was in full swing and going off but as ever pictures after 2am carry a risk of upsetting the subject so careful was added to my rota……..apart from if your Cheddar Gawjus the make up game is strong with this one….look how flawless it is ! and she was wearing the Visage top from when Michelle came to visit Pop Curious? Great work…….


So now to random observations…….the cool kids all in full effect, Salt N Peppa on the dancefloor, super fit DJ’s and fun by the pant full !

Massive thanks to Rod for everything, you are a true star x


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