Last weekend….

So last weekend was a real mixed bag a real mixed one so we had Bohemian Grove, RnBey, Pop Curious and Keys Money Lipstick all on the radar

So a bit of a dolly mixture but that’s just the way we like it, Friday 13th lived up to it’s bloody name though but I love Bohemian Grove and have been lucky to be involved in said events since the start so we loved it and that Gunnar is a bit of a good un as well..

Then across the road to RnBey and that was big old load of fun, even SBH was dancing to Bey and Tilly was on top form as ever…

then to the middle of the weekend with Saturday, more pop fun with Pop Curious at ze Ruby Lounge and some indie-esque vibes with KeysMoneyLipstick at The Star and Garter. Funat both nights and that wasn’t just the JaggersBombs which were very nice btw..

So a couple of things were where have the kids gone ? And more perturbing to me is those pesky kids that are out, (when we were clubbing we seemed to have a lot of more fun) and I’m looking at you thinking

..are you sure you’re having fun?..”


Maybe that’s a future post??


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