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Recently I’ve been looking through a lot of my old club photos from the hmff amount of years and have noticed quite a difference in various areas from my style and execution to the crowd and reactions, club photography has really changed hasn’t it, none more apparent than looking at my stuff , got me wondering (in a Sex and the City style) where did it all change……

Now I’ve been taking club pictures since dot starting in the Paradise Factory/Hacienda time, when we were on film and not everyone could or wanted to be a photographer , as is the case today right up to the current what site/do you do keyrings era…


Now I know club photography isn’t really respected and in truth anyone can do it, much like anyone can run or cook or fly it’s just to what standard you do it to. But this current crop of club photographers seem very formulaic and clichéd, seems to be something missing, that certain je ne sais quoi element?

I’m not perfect either by the way; you’ll find me falling into to the same traps and I’ll admit that but sometimes at some clubs that’s the only route you can take and you need to get an image for the paper or 2000 images for the site…

and Manchester never has those clubs that appear on lastnightsparty or vice but that’s easy to blame isn’t it ?

But there is something missing in club land these days…….

Energy perhaps, fun definitely


As a nameless source said the other week

“You know what’s missing?”

“…..the fun is.”

Now I know clubs have changed due to money, promoters getting older, the quality, the commitment of young promoters, rising costs etc. etc. but has this generation of club goers lost interest, do they want it all now, just here for the cheap booze and have they lost their unashameable ambitions and gone down the boring route and this is reflected in the club photography Or is it me?


Well I’ll be around for a bit longer as I still enjoy club photography and this blog is still my baby just coming up to its first birthday so I’ll be around for a while longer, so we shall see yes…..


Have fun and enjoy your clubbing x



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