Moments in ClubLand – B

Moments in ClubLand – B

I’ve been working as a photographer in clubs for over 20 years and have seen a whole range of nights and  clubs from The Hac to the Printworks and everything in-between, I’ve seen an upsurge in the number of photographers in clubs and a whole host of different types of people, I thought I’d write an A to Z of my  “Moments in ClubLand”

A  is here

So next up is B…..

And b is for Bouncers……

Waits for the reaction….

Now I know what a lot of you think of bouncers but where does that come from?

If you want to act a cock on the dance floor or chat up a girl who obviously doesn’t want the attention or if you rock up at 3am wanting guest list with an attitude the size of your habit, then what reaction do you expect?

I’ve always got on with doorman, probably ‘cause you share the same work and experiences of people then you have common ground I guess or it’s just that I treat people right I’m not sure but I have a lot of mates who are doormen so maybe I’m biased

But when you realise what an important job they do, they stop  a constant flow of idiots through the door, they watch out for anyone who’s had too much to drink or any girls that may have been spiked, they let the right wrongun’s in, they back up innocent photographers up when an irate boyfriends decide they don’t like their girlfriend posing for pictures…etcetcetc

Ah maybe that last one was just me…

But they do a great job and their human too so maybe next time show ‘em some love or at least be courteous and don’t be a cock hey…..






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