Moments in ClubLand – C

Moments in ClubLand – C

I’ve been working as a photographer in clubs for over 20 years and have seen a whole range of nights and  clubs from The Hac to the Printworks and everything in-between, I’ve seen an upsurge in the number of photographers in clubs and a whole cast of different people, I thought I’d write an A to Z of my  “Moments in ClubLand”

A  is here

and B is here

And C is for Clubbing……

Well here we are at the end of January and I thought January clubbing would be a bit like transit drivers who put posh wheels on and sleeveless hoodie wearers but I was pleasantly surprised by this years offering, I have felt that Manchester’s club scene has been a little off the boil we’ve never really had a Garlands/SpeedQueen/DalstonSuperstar type nights in Manc I know but I miss the diversity/people/nights and I feel that I haven’t been to a riotous affair for a while something with lackadaisical attitudes to dancing and clothes and photography……

(…….was going to say Nasty but it’s been hijacked and made negative by too much Thicke/rap/crap..)

……..ah they were the days……or were they as they say if you can remember it then you weren’t there……

So as an upshot of this observation I intend to get out to more clubs and see what’s happening in ClubLand who know maybe more inane drivel in the form of words too

Did also make a resolution of more girlie shoots as well as the plan to get out to more clubs so if you have anything along either of those two lines then please give me a hola…….

Have fun and peace in your heart……

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