Moments in Clubland – D

Moments in ClubLand – D

I’ve been working as a photographer in clubs for over 20 years and have seen a whole range of nights and  clubs from The Hac to the Printworks and everything in-between, I’ve seen an upsurge in the number of photographers in clubs and a whole cast of different people, I thought I’d write an A to Z of my “Moments in ClubLand”

A is here

and B is here

And C is here


and so we are onto the letter D, there’s only really one thing that it can stand for isn’t there and that’s Drugs !


Now it so won’t be news to any of you that Clubs and drugs go hand in hand,

I know shocker hey, it’s inspired people, music, nights, crap comments and genres

(pair up those statements with these examples: Hardcore House, Liam Gallagher, Bounce, Trippy, Shaun, donk, repetitive beats, Venga Boys, love, loss and Bez…)


So Manchester, clubs and drugs have always been linked, from the early days to now…….does anyone want That Acid House revival?


Depending what people are into you have a club for your drug of choice you have e clubs, Mkat clubs, coke clubs, dope clubs and any other drug you can think of in this fair clubland city… you’ll see different images coming from them, cause the d’s also influence the photography..


Now it’s still illegal for Drugs to be taken in clubs so anyone taking them is still running the risk of getting caught, turfed out, the police called and if you;’re witnessed then allof those things will happen but (and this is a complexly personal observation) when you do see strict enforcing of THE NO DRUGS kind, you see a rise in casualties, scare factors and despair..Think this is cause people neck all they’ve got before they get in the club, you get scarier dealers as they are the only ones who can get the drugs in and shall we say a less celebratory feeling in da club. Now woah we totally understand why anyone has to do this and as stated, it’s just a personal observation..… and the same thing is played out again with the legal high illegality enforcement, it’s pushing them out into extreme dark places and with that the death toll rise, that’s a comedown nobody want…


..actually while we’re on the subject of comedowns SBH was very tempted to change the main text to Despair, as this was witnessed more intently that the other in this game. The state of clubland I’ve witnessed over the last few days was dire, people not having fun, people moaning about prices, promoters trying things to empty rooms, crap clubs filled up and all this connected up so easily with despondency and disenchantment as an interesting threesome…but think we may have turned a corner with that but SBH is watching…


signing off with the advice of know your limits, know what you’re taking and don’t become a bore cause no one likes a drug bore….

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