Moments in ClubLand

Moments in ClubLand

I’ve been working as a photographer in clubs for over 20 years and have seen a whole range of nights and  clubs from The Hac to the Printworks and everything in-between, I’ve seen an upsurge in the number of photographers in clubs and a whole host of different types of people, I thought I’d write an A to Z of my  “Moments in ClubLand”

Starting with “A” – Attitude

When I’m photographing a club, my favourite type of shots are when I  to wander through the crowds looking for people who catch my eye or who are enjoying the moment that the music brings, if I ask to take your picture then it’s because you look good but every now and again you see somebody, ask to make their picture and their reaction is exemplified by the letter “A!” they overreact usually with an over exaggerated  hand up, a sneering reaction and a flurry of escape like I’m trying to do something so repulsive that they feel this reaction is in proportion…

So at this moment two thoughts run through my mind

Instant regret of asking them as the picture would probably be s*** anyway now


What the f…

Now most people who know me would say I’m a nice guy I don’t push photos in clubs, and if someone doesn’t want their picture taking then I usually respect that, I wonder what people they’ve experienced that this reaction is justified to them?

So my advice is chill out people, say no and move on don’t make the song and dance of your lives, it only reflects on you not me.






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