Right It’s October, it’s cold, it’s dark and it’s nearly Christmas…….. and time for another shortblondehair daily picture post !

Here’s numero Uno !

and here we have number two.

and moving right along here is number 3 for your perusal…

and here as a little departure is number four for the fourth…

and in honour of Bond day here’s my picture for the 5th…..

and a quick one for the 6th……

and just scraping in at number 7 for the 7th, from way ago this morning !


Phew October is moving on at a pace isn’t it, only another 23 days to go…..

Well it’s the 8th so yes it’s another picture, here’s one form the weekend…

and moving right along we have the 9th here…


and here in the earliest possible time is number 10, so please…….

oops number 11 is a little late….


and here following quickly along is number 12…….


and fast behind that is the one after number 12 !

So where is number fourteen? And where is the batman? Here’s number fourteen but no batman sorry.

It’s number fifteen…

and here is a very despondent number 16….

and with Autumn in the air here we have number 17…

and here’s the update for the 18th wooohooo I hear you say…..

Oh ho a little late but here we go with a quick bam bam 19 first

and then 20


Key to the door it’s number 21……

and I hate it when that happens but here is 22    

and here’s number 23 for the 23rd October is flying by ain’t it,

here we go it’s the 24th and we’re off down the road…..

It’s the 25th and some days you have a bad day…..

Here’s number 26


followed by number 27  


and number 28 follows that….




Haha no one even noticed that these are 2 days late….oh…..wait……that’s bad isn’t it…….




Here is the 29th so it’s picture number 29…


Number 30 is Number 30….


and to wrap it all up here is number 31……


Au Revoir or Good-Bye ?























































































































































Manchester. Clubbing. October. Last throw of the dice. Point? Enough. Had. Enjoy. Beautiful. Love. Positivity. Disillusionment.



ah well we nearly there and no more of this s…


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