Parklife 2015

Parklife 2015…

Judging from my twitter timeline come Saturday morning, there was no straddling of boundary structures regarding Parklife (the festival that is) people were so very definite about the event, no divide, everyone opinion was pretty much decided, nothing straight down the middle, no “not sures” at all. It was either Love or Hate..

..but here at SBH we are all about the love, in most forms that it comes in we love Kylie, we love Traxx, we love the Courteeners, we love….well you get the idea.

So our natural disposition is to love and when this event comes round we get out even more love to counteract the snobby too cool for school (fun) dampening of flames and we are there.

It’s such a mix of people, music, weather and things going on, “Glastonbury of the North..” was mentioned more than once, that’s all very good and while it’s not got the history of southern based festival, it’s definitely got more fun and spirit than them, so I would say that we have the Parklife and it’s here in Manchester..a global festy on out doorstep, it’s great.

So things of note that we loved this weekend: Sunshine, Everything Everything, scousers loving Manchester, Maplins bag on mikes stand at the front, girls sexing it up for camera without a care, THE GRACE JONES, Annie Mac, Jungle, Tiga, heat, sunshine, girlie walls, ace security guards, that bloody friendly sniffer dog, Kings of Manc, walking home feeling fine and the beautiful feeling that this is Manchester and this is how we do things.

Too much love, I hear ya. rite ok in the spirit of balance though things we weren’t so up on are: certain section of the media obsession with negative clickbait stories, the boom operated camera obsession with girls in plunging necklines, the innocence of wt groupies and drinking poppers..

How’s that? See you next year, I’ll be the one dancing in the pit..

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