Right Here is the final exhaustive edit form the Park Life Weekender in Manchester, it was a top weekend

so here’s a few things I can remember from the weekend…. Flaming Lips, Mud, bum cheeks, Nile Rodgers, Johnny, Goldie and Tonn Piper, Will Tramp, Juicy, Murkage, Kelis, Dizzee, Justiice, wagamama’s to name but a few and mud, rain, high spirits to name a few more…

Anyway here’s the pictures, I tried breaking it down into various sections so see how that works for people, have fun…These are a couple of my favourite images from the weekend……

Here’s one of a pink brolly

General Part 1


Where we were and a not happy Kelis…


Here’s another one of a Pink Brolly

and a general gallery Part 2

People (either I know or who know me or I don’t know or… well you get the idea)

and to end with me, on stage Nile Rodgers……..sort of….


Thanks to Sasha, Jon, Kirsty, Sam, Dan, Jon, Seb, Security and anyone else I’ve forgotten…..










oh and one last shot of a pink brolly….

because I loved that pink brolly. I did. a sort of true love………….

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