Pop Curious? Drag Race Disco

Pop Curious?

So this weeks sbh jaunt out is at Pop Curious at the beautiful Aatma, this weeks dancing fuel is the Drag Race Disco, now we may not be that up on the tv but still love the music that comes out of Drag Race oh and the dance moves, all of which sbh is proficient in of course…


So we arrived early, we joined the queue (always a good sign..) hurried in to the dancefloor which was already starting to fill up, fantastic sight that.


We’re still on a drinking hiatus so just redbull for me please..

Pop Curious Feb 2018 at Aatma Manchester

I love this venue I feel like I tread their boards an awful lot but it’s a great space and really turning into one of Manchester’s finest….and yes we’ve been everywhere…..and yes we’ve been thrown out of many yes..

..but as Groucho said any club that would want me as a member is not one I’ll want to join…

The best comparison I have of this club is that of a warm hug by a close friend, then a slap round the face and told to pull it together girl..

So now the dancefloor is really getting going and suitably agile and writhing which always makes great pictures, speaking of great pictures we did miss Tilly but Going Gaga was her amazing self and the lip synch rocked…..The fancydress wasn’t the best adhered to but the winner was fantastic ! She rocked RuPaul extremely well !!

So that’s the night in a nutshell, if you were there then you’ll know and if you weren’t then you missed it BUT you’ll get down to the next one..

Thank you..



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