So this weeks nightclubbing adventure arrived in the shape of the last regular Pop Curious? night at Ruby Lounge……

(WOOOAH your horsees There will be special one off events at RubyLounge so you’ll just have to look at the flyers a little more closely to see where you’re going??)

So as usual we get’s in early doors cause SBH likes the earlier action and we are already off with the pop that you can dance too, then the people start coming in, question though what is it with people arriving later and later these days? Some people rocking up at 3am? Where you been?

Anyway back to the night, not sure how much fun I’ve had on a dancefloor before but this was certainly up there…

So to the prizes/notables/topness and this goes in no particular order to:

  • girl in the green dress who deserves a medal for her dancing, infectious, fun and fuck you all rolled into one, top dancing,
  • the guys in 3 piece suits who I immediatley assumed were in the wrong venue but stuck it out with some great dance moves
  • The ever present top tunes provided by Mr Christopher Dresden Styles as selection from Madge to GA to Groovejet to Taylor to RuPaul
  • but highlight must be HTC’s performance of Madonna, a glorious effort combined of cool, camp and dance with a hint of comedy thrown in for good measure, top drawer entertainment by the girls…







So see you next time, nice and early on the dancefloor please..

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