PopCurious Valentines Love

Pop Curious Valentines

Sometimes fate/stars/luck aligns to produce something truly ironic/funny and so it is that Valentines falls upon a Saturday this year and the second Saturday in Manc goes without saying is Pop Curious? at The Ruby Lounge, so SBH gets to spend Valentines at with a clubnight I love and in a venue that I have quite a lot of history with (all good I might add!)

As said maybe it’s fate or maybe it’s that eternal-beings warped sense of humour who knows anyways, we arrive and are greeted by the girls Tilly, Candy and Heroin so obvs an impromptu photoshoot takes place outside urban and all..

So then the usual hallos and we’re in to the party, lovely looking people, lot of couples and people having an awful lot of fun (naming no names but some regulars are really enjoying themselves!)

So the venue is great and the music is amazing as ever, now I know pop isn’t too everyone’s taste but here at sbh we love Britney, Spice, Sophie, Bille and the rest.

So we have a little dance, yes I was dancin and no I don’t need a rest or the toilet, fank you very much..well really.




Can’t leave without saying how the performances are aaaamazing, as ever of course but this time including some impromptu appearances Putting lots of smiles on faces and love in the room, even the guy who didn’t like photographers managed a smile obviously influenced by the famous sbh charms…so on that note we popped off to catch up on beauty sleep….yeah yeah 20 years too late I know…




This writing thing is hard, you really have to be in the zone, damn Google for not seo seeing just images…oh..Anyway this is SBH 2015 club writing, like or loathe/hate or mate

Please let me know what you think…no really…let me know..


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