Saturday night out – Witch*unt

So it’s a Saturday night in Febuary in 2016 and SBH is out with no direct place to be, one of the nights that we always miss cause we’re on something else is Witch*unt, a glorious titled party with all the fun to be had but alas I fear that the SBH curse* is abound tonight, a slow start to a great night, we got some pictures, had some fun, saw the irrepressible Jodie and Kamila and got an amazing t shirt all in one night…

I love this night but I feel bad about the SBH curse so I left a bit early to give the night a chance to get back to the party gods…with the full intention of going back but alas my night panned out in another direction probably best for them as heard it went off…..


Here’s to you Witch*unt love you x


So the pictures from the night….





*SBH curse when SBH turn up  somewhere it’s always a quiet start/night till we leave then it picks right up

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