The Imogen Styles

Hello bit of a departure this one, as it’s a gig, The Imogen Styles, this is them,

kindly asked me if I’d like to come down and take some pictures……

Why not? So here’s the pictures


and here are some more.



I love the fans too…

And, as an added twist I thought let’s get the band to write a review…

So here it is….

“Well, for our first widely publicised gig, our crowd certainly didn’t disappoint!  It’s a most unnerving experience when first walking out onto a stage to be unexpectedly confronted with the front row of attendees wearing homemade masks of your own faces – especially when they start getting ‘frisky’ with each other whilst you’re trying to perform…

Even with that ‘interesting’ start to the gig, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The Roadhouse stage was a bit of tangle of wires and technology from the acts on previous to us (The Fevers, Positronik and Skin Walker had all played / performed their arses off before we took to the stage), which made it a bit of a precarious platform to try and gyrate on!  Thankfully we got through with our dignity intact, with no major falling over or trippage occurring.  It’s a great feeling when you can hear the crowd singing your songs back at you over the sound of your stage monitors, and since that happened several times during the gig, we were especially happy!

Big thanks to everyone who came along to make the evening so much fun, with especially big thanks to for the amazing job capturing the gig on film (and some of the aftermath too!)




And remember guys…






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  1. Great photos! I love the green room pic, really nice. I’m the one in the mask/Frankmusik t-shirt so thanks for the photos! 🙂

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