Ultimate Anthems

So this weeks nightclubbing adventure sees us arrived at The Ruby Lounge again* but for something a little different… anthems I tell you… eh what you say???

And back in the room… so to the frivolities, after a brief walk across a bubbling Piccadilly Gardens always fun on a Saturday night, we’re here and we’ve put our dancing shoes on, brought a coat in case we pull and bought 2 lighters… so what to expect well it’s billed as anthems…

  Ultimate Anthems promises only the most amazing rock and pop tunes with singalong choruses that will you leave you feeling euphoric with communal anthem appreciation

Tall orders but the UA boys do not disappoint, a total barrage of anthemic anthems awaited which kept the dancefloor buzzing, notably full of eager ladies and gents, completelyready to get up, to get down… it was beautiful…

So to the prizes and notables go in no particular order to:

  • Seven Nation Army, forgot the last time I’d heard this in a club..balls of amazing
  • Shocking Jagerbombs mixed by the DJ..
  • Some outrageous dancing, staring and tattoos
  • the bucket hatted man of interminable age having a boogie
  • and the lesson learned that if in doubt, mime doing the drum solo…

See you next time?





*maybe we should get out more?? But where would we go????? Postcard answers please

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