Ultimate Power on a Friday night, allright…..

Ultimate Power on a Friday night, allright.

So it’s Friday night and we’re off to the first Ultimate Power of 2015 at The Ritz in Manchester and if the one in December is anything to go by we’re in for a riproarer of a night.

On the way to the venue for saying it’s a cold February Friday night there are lots of people without coats..but once inside the Ritz I can see why, I’ve always felt that the Ritz is Church like in the Manchester club scene, unashamedly there, big, proud and doing what it does, I’ve been to many, many nights there in the last 25 years and tonight’s feast of clubbing is rocking with a capital rock, the guys on stage are whipping them power ballards out and producing an almost spiritual, unique experience at a rock night, almost religious in it’s fervour and fun and air guitars are the ways of praise here,,,

So we grab an inflatiablle and we strutt, swing, grrrr and roooarr and..ooooooooooooo

*sharp intake of breath*

ah think I’ve stretched my ham string again,

T for time out..

..man down..

..medic or just give us a beer and we’ll be ok, can’t wait for the loaf,,,,,,,



Before we go though by far the quote of the night has to be by the learned, slightly inebriated soul earnestly telling the object of his affections that

..Manchester is like a microcosm..

..it’s just so full..”


You said it sir, you said it.




[Massive thanks to everyone who posed in front of my camera you are the ones that make it fun ]





This writing thing is hard, you really have to be in the zone, damn Google for not seo seeing just images…oh..Anyway this is SBH 2015 club writing, like or loathe/hate or mate

Please let me know what you think…no really…let me know..


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