January clubbing hey ! scraping those savings together and playing HighSchoolMusical drinking games before you go out….hang on is that just us??

Ultimate Power Manchester January 2018

Anyway I’m back at Up this month which is always a pleasure, also doing Dry January will give a whole new spin on this but you know what I enjoyed as much in a different way as normal semi dunken state ! So the Bristol lads were up to helkp out proceddings and they rocked it, the crowd seemed to be all new people which is great to see ! They rocked it and the whole night kicked ass..

Not seen such dance moves since Timbercake once graced the stages of Manchester, think next time I’ll film it like.. so here’s some of the pictures from the night and i think they are pretty amazing but in the words of Saint Carrie what do I know? so let me know what you think…wink or stink..

(Gif insert here) when I remember the correct way to do it…)(ah there you go..)


How’s that looking? and speaks of looookin..I haven’t seen Hooch for ages too..made me thirsty as !

Ultimate Power Manchester January 2018


Roll on the booze in February…maybes see you on the Dancefloor in February ??

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