Why am I doing this?

Why am I doing this?

Recently as is the want of spring I’ve been re-examining things, looking at various aspects of ones life and as SBH is, then it has been subjected to the overriding question…….why am I doing this?

When first started it was meant as a vehicle for my club, model and streetstyle work….when I started this I had high hopes, it was a big time and I was hoping for it to take off like some of the other blogs of that time but alas due to cash, time and energy it ran a slow path and with current responsibilities curtailing all but a few night jobs… thinking on it’s a lot like a relationship, you have to put the work otherwise it just gets comfortable and staid till one day one person explodes and tears down the walls to enable it to move on…..

But I’m not letting that happen here, I’ve put too many hours into this, so we’ll try another spin, another reboot, another go…

So we try with a new approach, a redesign, more words and a single picture, see if that makes anything stir…

Clubbing pictures from Manchester and sometimes beyond…

Thanks for your perusal..


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