Why are you doing this?

SBH writings..

Why are you doing this?

SBH writings..Why are you doing this?

Wooooah there’s nothing like a starting again post to stall any good intenetions !







Me..Righty ok let’s get over that hump and off we go, so last time I talked about why I’m doing this so this time I thought I’d hypothesise about why the fuck you lot are going out? And you know what I have no idea..

So from the small bit of market research I did here’s the answers..

  1. To Dance
  2. To Booze
  3. To Fun
  4. To meet Girls/boys

And I’ll add these few from my observational discourse….

  • To leer
  • To argue
  • To cry
  • and
  • To leer..
Leers in there twice as that’s all these young lads/boys seem to only know or like, like when macho blokes used to say that they were going to the beach to see another mans wife in a bikini in that shitty misogynistic bullshit way..

So why do so many of you go out? And why do you object to club process and why do these bars with massive held back queues seem to hold so much draw? And why do you all seem to love to frequent them?

I’ve worked in 1000’s of clubs all over the globe and I still not sure l get it..

Actually saying that, maybe I do cause on the rare occasion when I do go out without my camera, I have a great old time, maybe it’s the friends I go out with or the fact I’m a very silly drunk or the fact that being over a certain age I don’t get out that much..

But you stay at home till 1am then go out till 4am money types confuse the fuck out of me…..you moan about shit that doesn’t matter, or take your crapness out on staff or just generally be completely fuckin arsey miserable types or rather than pay a £5 for a club experience you’ll pay £10 to get into a place that plays old tunes that your parents thought were a bit shit at the time or listen to bland soulless funless shit or….








Why do you guys go out?



Sound for listening to the ventrant…

Thanks for your perusal..Thanks for your perusal..


oh and actually the picture is of someone DOING it rather than someone who isn’t. ok.thx.by

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