WINA – Mardi Gras 90’s

SBH- Pride

Ok here we go with a fully fledged jump into what we can expect from SBH in the future….an archive image and new writing.. Writing Image New Archive… a W.I.N.A if you will !

So this is the first year since the 90’s that I’ve done nothing club wise surrounding Mardi Gras / ABH or Pride as it’s now known…that’s quite a record going back, not sure how I feel about that don’t miss the exhaustion but do miss the atmosphere especially when I was going through the archive, clubbing really did feel different back then…

The image is a gem from 1996… that’s 22 years ago..that’s older than some of the people reading or priding this weekend !! Check out the details in the archive shot blow.. massive smiles, smoking indoors, matches, gloves…check..This shot was for one of the main people I most worked for back then Poptastic !

Clubbing pictures from Manchester and sometimes beyond…Archive Shot from Mardi Gras 1996

Looking at the shot I can’t quite place the people but i remember the night it was incredible fun, first time I’d felt that sort of vibe outside of Paradise Factory but not sure on the venue, don’t think it was the usual one under Bloom St hotel, it may have been Mutz Nutz (what was it called before that?) or a one off venue that was for the Mardi Gras only maybe? As I’ve sid before my memory is very hazy as I was there.


Love the nrg in the picture though and props as Pop was mainly an indie fest back then..What a time that was !



Let me know what you think, cheers for reading…

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